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Name:Mr. Gremlin (if you would)
Why I, and we, just want what everyone wants really. A taste of the finer things, a bit of silk and shine if you would, certainly you can agree that we are entitled to a bit of polish? A night life?

Interests (116):

anything you could call a good time, articulation, autoclaves, awkward silences, bespoke suits, boxes, boxes with spiders in, bypassed building codes, cake walks, canadians, captive audiences, carbon monoxide, carbonite, cashemere, catastrophe, cavities, cement mixers, choose your own adventure, civil conversation, cliffhangers, cockroaches, cocktail olives, costuming, cradles, criminal profiling, cuba, cults, cumin, current slang, dental realignment, devilment, disney, donors, dreidels, duck tape, dumbwaiters, elevator shafts, eleven games to play with a brick, emergency pull tabs, espresso, experimentation, fbi watchlists, febreeze, folie a deux, fundamentalists, garage sales, gelatin capsules, gene splicing, genetic diversity, gratuitous violence, gremlin rights, historical accuracy, infomercials, interest boxes, knitting, lack of helmets, lanolin, lao tzu, lint, liquidity, listing opportunities, llamas, mass media, mein kamph, mentholated cigarettes, meshugana, microwave dinners, ming vases, mischief, misdirection, modern fashion, modular housing, name the pattern here and win a prize, new york, obedience, panadol, peacetalk breakdowns, pelicans, pez dispensers, pickles, piercing, pinking shears, pinstripes, popcorn, puppies, radioactive isotopes, reckless endangerment, reconstitution, red dragon, revolvers, rorschach tests, safety scissors, salad bars, secretaries, shadow boxes (with spiders in), snow white, snowplows, space debris, spam emails, starbucks, static electricity, student records, tennis, teradons, thunderdome, toasters, torches, trade embargoes, traffic cameras, traumatic canoe accidents, twinkies, unattended children, unattended luggage, upstanding citizens, vegemite, water fountains

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